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Any person, is eligible to be an arbitrator except those specifically
disqualified by law. An arbitrator is an individual who can render
"virtuous judgment" in an arbitration. Parties may designate an arbitrator
before one is appointed from the Panel of Arbitrators of KCAB. This panel,
which contains over 1,000 highly qualified individuals, includes lawyers,
scholars, business persons and other professionals, both Koreans
and foreigners

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Panel of International Arbitrators

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In order to provide a premium service to international litigants,
the KCAB has streamlined its complete list of arbitrators down to one
designed specifically to cater to the needs of international arbitrations.
This list of over 300 internationally recognized professional arbitrators will
ensure international arbitrations are conducted in the most dynamic,
efficient and expert way possible.

Application for International Arbitrator
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