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Mediation Procedure

Mediation should be attempted where disputing parties consent to resolving their dispute through a voluntary conversation led by a neutral third party mediator(a neutral staff member of KCAB).

  • 01. Request for Mediation
  • One or both parties must request KCAB, in writing, for mediation. KCAB prefers to receive this request with the total claim
    amount and any evidence supporting the claim such as contract, bill of lading, etc.
  • 02. Notice
  • Once KCAB receives request for mediation, it gives notice to the other party.
  • 03. Mediation
  • Once the process begins, KCAB will issue progress reports and keep in contact with both parties in order to maintain open
    communication and help the two parties reach an amicable solution. Generally mediation services are provided via
    correspondence or over the phone, but parties can show up to mediate in person in conference room at KCAB.
  • 04. Settlement
  • Parties abide by settlement agreements reached by KCAB mediation most of the time although those agreements do not bind the parties.

Mediation Fee

In order to encourage mediation by various users from Korea and other countries, KCAB provides mediation services free of charge.