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International Arbitration Committee

The New International Rules(Article 1.) require the KCAB to run an í░International Arbitration Committee".
The Committee is comprised of 18 arbitration experts including the distinguished foreign arbitrators
residing outside Korea. All Committee members gained experience in proceedings before ad hoc
arbitrations as well as proceedings under the rules of different arbitral institutions,
such as ICC, SIAC or LCIA. Their expertise is used by the KCAB for
the consultation on issues relating to the appointment,
challenge, replacement and removal of arbitrators.

Established in 2011 pursuant to Article 1 of the KCAB International Arbitration Rules
Established in 2011 pursuant to Article 1 of the KCAB International Arbitration Rules
Name Position Nationality
Kim, Kap-You (Kevin) Partner, Bae, Kim & Lee / Chairperson, KCAB IAC Korea
Baek, Yun-Jae Partner, Hanol Law Offices Korea
Born, Gary Partner, Wilmer Hale LLP USA
Chang, Seung Wha Professor, Seoul National University Korea
Hughes, Benjamin Professor, Seoul National University USA
Jones, Doug Partner, Clayton Utz Australia
Joubin-Bret, Anna Full-time Arbitrator France
Kaplan, Neil Full-time Arbitrator UK
Kim, Beom-Su Partner, KL Partners Korea
Kim, Joongi Professor, Yonsei University Korea
Lau, Christopher Full-time Arbitrator, 3 Verulam Buildings Singapore
Lee, Young Seok Partner, Yulchon Korea
Lim, Sungwoo (Sean) Partner, Lee & Ko Korea
Moser, Michael Full-time Arbitrator, 20 Essex Street Chambers Austria
Paulsson, Jan Professor, University of Miami Sweden / France
Pryles, Michael Full-time Arbitrator Australia
Reed, Lucy Professor, Singapore National University USA
Tezuka, Hiroyuki Partner, Nishimura & Asahi Japan
Yang, Philip Full-time Arbitrator UK
Yoon, Byung-Chol Partner, Kim & Chang Korea